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The TS Alliance is pleased to offer online audio files from the majority of sessions recorded during the 2006 National TSC Conference.  The audio files are organized according to the following eductional tracks:

  • Track A: General TSC Track.  This track addressed issues that affect individuals of all ages and provided an overview of care options.
  • Track B: Pediatric Track.  These sessions addressed the unique aspects of children and teenagers with TSC.
  • Track C: Adult Track.  This track focused on concerns faced by adults living with TSC and their caregivers to help them make care decisions for themselves and their families.
  • Track D: Special Issues Track.  This track included smaller group meetings on specialty issues such as infancy and preschool services, managing aggressive behavior and financial protections for the disabled.

Keynote Addresses

Opening Keynote Address: Update on NIH Research and a Look into the Future PLUS Managing TSC: Testing and Follow-Up   
Story Landis, PhD, Director, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health

Managing TSC Part 1: Kevin Ess, MD, PhD; Stephen Ashwal, MD; Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD

Saturday Keynote Address: TSC Advocacy--Impacting Resources for TSC Research 
Mark Vieth, Cavarocchi-Ruscio-Dennis Associates, LLC

Closing Keynote Address: Update on TSC Research--Looking Foward to Meaningful Treaments and a Cure
Vicky Whittemore, PhD, Vice President and Director of Science, TS Alliance

Track A Sessions

Managing TSC: Testing and Follow-Up Screening Part 2 PLUS Genetics Made Simple

Managing TSC and Follow-Up Screening Part 2:
Kevin Ess, MD, PhD; Stephen Ashwal, MD; Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD

Genetics Made Simple:  David Kwiatkowski, MD, PhD; Janine Lewis, CGC; Hope Northrup, MD

Beyond Anticonvulsants 
Michael Frost, MD; David N. Franz, MD

Renal Manifestations and Treatment Options 
Lori Batchelor, RN; John Bissler, MD; John Hulbert, MD; Chris Kingswood, MD

Sexual Issues of Development 
Lori Batchelor, RN; Petrus de Vries, MD, PhD; David W. Dunn, MD

Epilepsy Panel: Seizure Control 
Steven Sparagana, MD; Candida Brown, MD; Gregory Holmes, MD; Raman Sankar, MD, PhD

Epilepsy Surgery
W. Donald Shields, MD; Orrin Devinsky, MD; Howard Weiner, MD; Mustafa Sahin, MD, PhD; Peter Black, MD; Michael Frost, MD; Mary E. Dunn, MD

Skin Manifestations and Treatment Options 
John Hulbert, MD; Mark Mausner, MD; Joseph Yohn, MD

Overview of Seizures: Types and Treatments 
Steven Sparagana, MD; Michael Frost, MD; Raman Sankar, MD, PhD

Track B Sessions

Infantile Spasms
Candida Brown, MD; Mustafa Sahin, MD, PhD; W. Donald Shields, MD

Mood and Behavioral Disorders in Children with TSC 
Renee Wachtel, MD; David Dunn, MD

Autism Spectrum Disorders:Diagnosis and Management
Renee Wachtel, MD; Petrus de Vries, MD, PhD; Christina Corsello, PhD; Elizabeth Reeve, MD

Other Manifestations of TSC: Heart, SEGA, Bone, Spine, Teeth
Vicky Whittemore, PhD; David N. Franz, MD; Fran DiMauro, MD; Greg Mlynarczyk, DDS

Transition into Adulthood:Vocational Training, Alternative Living Situations, Getting into College
Robert and Kathryn Groves, MS; Frank Capone; Lora Brugnaro

TSC through the Development Spectrum  
Michael H. Kohrman, MD; Ayla Humphrey, PhD; E. Steve Roach, MD 

How the Brain Processes and Suggested Interventions for Children with TSC 
Ayla Humphrey, PhD

Advocacy in the Education System 
Mary Brown; Dena Hook; Santo Pino, EDD

Communication Disorders in Children with TSC
Candida Brown, MD; Renee Wachtel, MD


Track C Sessions

Genetic and Reproductive Issues 
David Kwiatkowski, MD, PhD; Janine Lewis, CGC; Hope Northrup, MD

Advocating for Yourself at Work and Life 
Vicky Whittemore, PhD; Lora Brugnaro

Seizure Management and Issues in Adults with TSC 
Stephen Ashwal, MD; Deanna Dickens, MD; Lori Uber-Zak, MD

Women's Issues for Adults with TSC 
Deanna Dickens, MD; Geraldine Finlay, MD; Elizabeth Petri Henske, MD

Men's Issues for Adults with TSC  
Peter Crino, MD, PhD

Guardianship and Less Intrusive Alternatives 
Frank Capone; Theresa Varnet, Esq


Track D Sessions

Infancy and Preschool Community Services 
Pat Gibson, MSW; Kathryn Groves, MS

Overview of TSC Presented in Spanish 
Mauricio Delgado, MD

TS Alliance Research Program Update 
Vicky Whittemore, PhD; Peter Crino, MD, PhD; Bonnie E. Gould Rothberg, MD, MPH; Elizabeth Petri Henske, MD

Financial Protection for the Disabled 
Frank Capone; Theresa Varnet, Esq

Coping Techniques for You, Your Spouse and Family and How to Use Humor through the Bad Times 
Vicky Whittemore, PhD; Yvonne Kay, PhD, CT; Pat Gibson, MSW

Complimentary Therapies 
Michael Frost, MD; Pat Gibson, MSW

Aggressive Behavior Management 
Robert and Kathryn Groves, MS; David W. Dunn, MD

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